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 The guide to a true £egend

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£e¶enŠs™ ¢reatųr.

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PostSubject: The guide to a true £egend   Mon May 05, 2008 11:47 pm

Here is a step by step guide if your new to £egend or have any problems etc.

Step 1: If your new to £egend, cheack out our forums, read the rules, clan list and all the stuff in the £egend clan section.

Step 2: Make sure you fully understand our rules, so that no mistakes happen, like in the past Sad

Step 3: If your new to the game as well, and you want some tips and training, then find HUMI!! OR COUNT (Skilled players) Or me Razz

Step 4: If you feel you are annoyed or dont get along with a nother member, then please ask one of the leaders, me humi or count, and we will sort it out.

Step 5: Enjoy being in £egend!

We hope that £egend will grow and get stronger and be a sucess.
Please comment on anything i have missed out.
Thank you for reading!! Very Happy


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The guide to a true £egend
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